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Hospital Nightmares in Illinois

BY D’Anne Burley

After being in and out of Chicago area hospitals for the past 2 ½ yrs because of issues which came from blood pressure problems which were later “MISSED DIAGNOSED BY EXPERTS IN MEDICINE AS CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE” they lied!!!!
I was hospitalized else where that stated I never had Congestive Heart Failure, (CHF) my doing MRI’s. EX RAYS and a scope into the main vein in my heart which they claimed showed I never had heart problems but they gave me medicine for 2 yrs for this!

And I told them I had allergies to Sulfa but they gave me Sulfa for 2 yrs which I am very sick from and had very horrific reactions to, they have no accountability. They are not control or monitored because of privatization of many and connections by “CLOUT” to government official who are involved in allowing laws to protect them!

The President Passed into law measures to protect them more from CLASS ACTIONS LAW SUITS whereby you can not filed anything that will give your rewards to pay for all the MALPRACTICE THEY ARE INVOLVED IN.


There are organizations that know about this, they are involved in supporting President Bush because they are in believe that this White House is doing something to protect rights when in fac they are not and have lied, cheated and lied outright to the public on all fronts.

There are people in the hospitals that are not qualified to work because they lack people skilled and because the hospitals “ER’s” are becoming the place where many are going for healthcare services due to Doctors not accepting Public Aid Medical Cards and other sub-standard insurance policy’s.

Our government started this my lowering the acceptable charges for medical procedures, and if they take Public Insurance state run they would be forced out of business because the cost to operate is greater than the payment they will receive from state sponsored funds.

It’s outrageous and the law makers sit and do nothing while this nightmare goes on and on and with this bubble turning into another crisis in America, “THE HEALTHCARE BUBBLE” soon to collapse as with the others in “Housing, Financial etc” where is the Governor of Illinois on this when the cuts came from his administrative.

Oh, yes, I called countless numbers of times to his media personnel, and that of those in the Attorney Generals Office, U.S. Justice Department and its seems that they turn a blank eye to investigating all the levels of corruption, they don’t loon into the things that there offices are PAID AS PUBLIC SERVANTS TO LOOK INTO AND STOP!

To attempt to sue is worthless today because the Judges and Courts are tied back into the pool of corruption as well. If indeed any of them did there jobs then the people would have the real assistance they need to make this country a country that stands for the rights of all People not just the few who are lobbyist, connected back into BIG BUSINESS AND THOSE WITH CLOUT AND MONEY!

Look what is going on within Hospitals Workers Murdering Patients what checks and balances do they have in employment within?

Because I have reported this corruption and conspiracy against myself and others in Illinois I have been attacked again, what they do is cut off my phones, cut off e-mail harass me and my association Mike Katz, in Mike’s case they sent the DCFS back into is home because I called about an Issue at Alexian Bros Hospital whereby they refused to continue to treat his daughter who has anorexia disorder. I spoke to the Vice President of the Hospital located on Barrington Rd, in the town of Hoffman Estate about concerns on her treatment, the medical staff after I stated I was reporting them to the Bureau of Hospitals transfer the poor child reluctantly to there other hospital which deals with these this orders “The Behavior Center on Moon Lake Dr., in the same town, they too seemed not to want to accept her because the Katz insurance ran out like before. He and his wife have over $70 thousand dollars in medical bills.

They took her in, and then all of a sudden found room in another institute for eating disorders, but claimed that they did not have current bed space so his daughter is back home. While in there other hospital Alexian Bros located on Barrington Rd, in Hoffman Estate Illinois decided to call DCFS on the KATZ this time because they claimed he did not get her medicine for Potassium Mr. Katz did not get this because they transferred his daughter right into Alexian Bros Moon Lake Behavior Center, they GOT CAUGHT! They were attempt to entrap Mr. Katz, and cause him harm so that they could create a case of medical neglect which never happened from the beginning.

This is standard operations for those who are using clout and measures to discredit people who are speakin up about all the corruption given rights by Corporations, Clout and connections. If this is what you voted for in these elections then maybe we need not to vote at all. It we stop and see them elect them again without any votes from the population then you will understand that they control everything and we have no rights at all.


Killer nurse believed responsible for five additional deaths

June 25, 2005, 4:57 PM EDT

NEWARK, N.J. -- A convicted serial killer who targeted hospital patients while he worked as a nurse will be charged next week in the deaths of five more people, according to a published report.

Hunterdon County prosecutors will file charges against Charles Cullen on Monday, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported Saturday, and he is expected to plead guilty to all the charges. The five victims were patients in critical care units at Hunterdon Medical Center, the report said.

Cullen has pleaded guilty to murdering 24 patients and attempting to kill five others between 1988 and 2003 at medical facilities where he worked in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Prosecutors say Cullen killed his victims by injecting them with lethal doses of drugs.

Cullen has said that he did not kill anyone while working at Hunterdon Medical Center, but the Star-Ledger reported that Cullen began working with Hunterdon County authorities in February to identify possible victims of his at the facility.

During a series of meetings, Cullen reportedly identified a 49-year-old woman and four male patients _ who ranged in from 66 and 80 _ that he killed while working at the facility from April 1994 until October 1996.

In exchange for avoiding the death penalty, Cullen has been helping authorities identify his victims. The convicted killer says he does not remember all the victims by name but can identify them when he reviews their medical charts.

Cullen, who worked as a nurse for 16 years, has claimed to have killed dozens of patients.

Monday June 6, 06:37 AM


Hospital Scandal Doctor Faces Charges

A pathologist who secretly took organs from dead youngsters at Alder Hey Children's Hospital is to appear before the General Medical Council charged with serious professional misconduct.Professor Dick van Velzen will appear before the GMC accused of directing staff to retain the organs of dead children for medical research.Dutchman Prof van Velzen was criticised in the official inquiry into the scandal which found hundreds of organs were taken from children without their parents' consent.

He also faces claims he failed to seek permission from the children's parents to keep organs, and neglected to keep proper medical records.

Van Velzen worked at the Liverpool hospital for six years between 1989 and 1995, but left before the scandal broke in 1999.

The retention of children's organs was found to have been going on for decades and van Velzen was identified as being particularly prolific.

Hundreds of distressed parents, who had been unaware they had buried their children with missing body parts, were forced to hold second funerals once the truth emerged.

Body Snatching "IN" Today
By D'Anne Burley

Looks like we are returing of the jolly ol days of London, when it was ok, to snatch up the dead for experiements, this was the thing that created the novel "Frankstein, and its going on today.

body snatching, the stealing of corpses from graves and morgues. Before cadavers were legally available for dissection and study by medical students, traffic in stolen bodies was profitable. Those who engaged in the illicit practice were sometimes called resurrectionists; they were active from about the early 18th cent. to the middle 19th cent. Public opposition to any dissection of bodies was further aroused by discovery of the resurrectionists' activities; outbursts of violence occurred in Europe as well as in America. Robert Knox, an eminent British anatomist, became a victim of public attack because a body he had purchased for dissection proved to be that of one of a number of victims murdered by William Hare and an accomplice named William Burke for the purpose of selling the bodies; the murderers were brought to trial (1828) and convicted. This and other similar cases led to the passage (1832) in Great Britain of the Anatomy Act, which permitted the legal acquisition by medical schools of unclaimed bodies. In the United States dissection of the human body has been practiced since the middle of the 18th cent.; riots and acts of violence frequently occurred in protest against lecturers on anatomy and medical students, who reputedly dug up bodies for study. In 1788 outraged citizens of New York City precipitated a riot while ransacking the rooms of anatomy students and professors at Columbia College Medical School in search of bodies. The following year body snatching was prohibited by law, thus creating a climate for the growth of an illegal group of professional body snatchers. It was not until 1854 that anatomy students were allowed access to unclaimed bodies from public institutions.

See The Diary of a Resurrectionist (ed. by J. B. Bailey, 1896); T. Gallagher, The Doctors' Story (1967).

Justice finally done as organ scandal professor is banned

Jun 21 2005

BY DEBORAH JAMES, Daily Post Staff

Professor Dick Van Velzen, who ordered retention of organs

FAMILIES involved in the Alder Hey organ retention scandal last night welcomed the decision to strike Professor Dick van Velzen from the UK medical record.

The pathologist was yesterday banned from practising in this country following a three week General Medical Council hearing in Manchester.

Parents who have campaigned for justice since 1999 said they now felt they could finally begin to move on but criticised the GMC for not reaching a conclusion sooner.

Ian Chisholm, chairman of the GMC fitness to practice panel, said van Velzen's secret storing of the organs of the deceased children was a "violation of their bodies and their dignity".

He concluded: "The panel would like to express profound regret to the relatives and all concerned that a member of the medical profession has behaved in this appalling manner.

"It apologises to the public on behalf of the medical profession."

Mr Chisholm described the Professor's practice as "reckless" and "out of the boundaries".

He said van Veltzen had retained organs without permission and effectively lied to the parents of dead youngsters who had trusted him.

Alice Proctor, acting chairwoman of the Alder Hey parents' campaign group Pity II, said she was pleased the GMC had shown "moral courage".

But members were only sorry the Crown Prosecution Service had not brought a criminal case against van Velzen due to "insufficient evidence".

The GMC was prevented from holding any hearing until after the CPS concluded its three year investigation last December.

Pity II member Tracy Brennan discovered parts of her son Johnathan's body had been stored at Alder Hey six years after he was still-born in 1993.

The 37-year-old from Halewood said: "We are absolutely delighted, but a bit numb.

"Its a fitting conclusion, and I do feel that justice has been done.

"Our only regret is the GMC couldn't have had its hearing six months ago, after the CPS announced there would not be a criminal case."

"As far as we were concerned the evidence was there in the Redfern report after the initial inquiry in 2001"

Medical negligence lawyer Ian Cohen, who represented the Pity II families in their civil action against Alder Hey, also welcomed the ruling.






By D'Anne Burley

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Read these articles some far back and recent please recall most politicans running for office promise to have a better healthcare system but once in these promises go bye, bye, then it seems that Medical Lobbyist backed by Corporations and others involved in the pill making business cause laws to be inacted to prevent big dollar law suits.

So if you don;t have a top of the line insurance company backing you in the hospital you can get what I would alleged the lower grade health services, whereby they will giver procedures y9ou may not need to cover the expense to the hospital for your visit.

The ER Doctors are over worked and can you expect them to me able to determine the cause of your illness with less knowledge of your health than you normal doctor? But again if you do not have a doctor lack having a HMO/PPO coverage plan and or any health insurance at all you are at risk to bad medical and poor healthcare again I am alleging this based on my experience and stories told to me by others who were either in hospitals and outside.

As long as the public does nothing the monster grows and grows while other nations "THINK" we have the best when in effect we here have the same problems as they do and maybe worse. So please read on about Medical Peer reportes on doctors, medical malpractice, all these thing require are voices to be heard.

So go to these articles and read on:

New warnings due for ADHD drugs
By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY
The Food and Drug Administration plans to add new warnings about psychiatric side effects to the label of Concerta and other drugs for attention deficits and hyperactivity, according to documents posted on the FDA Web site and confirmed by the agency.

At a meeting today of the FDA's Pediatric Advisory Committee, officials will discuss safety concerns about Concerta, a form of methylphenidate, the active ingredient in Ritalin and similar medications.

A briefing document about the meeting says the review was prompted by reports of hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, psychotic behavior and aggression among methylphenidate users. Officials note that Concerta's label already lists possible psychiatric side effects but suggests the problems aren't serious or that the drug might only aggravate existing problems.

The Type of Nightmares and What Most Hospitals Have Done ro patient Records this is a older case but what happened to this person medical records.
[Anchorage Daily News, August 8, 1995]

$10,000 REWARD

For information leading to the recovery of the providence hospital medical records of Jacobs Sweet or information leading to the discovery of the person or persons responsible for the loss or destruction of Jacob`s records

Jacob Sweet was born at PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL in Anchorage on January 16, 1986. He was a healthy and normal baby boy. On January 17, 1986, Jacob was circumcised by JAMES NESBITT, M.D., of THE CHILDREN'S CLINIC. On Saturday, January 25, Jacob's parents, Gary and Beverly Sweet, brought Jacob back to the emergency room at PROVIDENCE because he was vomiting and was fussy and the circumcision side was red and swollen. They were met by DANIEL TULIP, M.D., also of THE CHILDREN'S CLINIC. DR. TULIP admitted Jacob to the hospital. Late in the evening of January 26, Jacob suffered a prolonged seizure or "crash" and was transferred to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit at 2:15 a.m. on Monday, January 27.

Today, Jacob is nine years old and is severely brain damaged. He cannot walk, talk or care for himself in any respect.


The attorneys for the Sweets, listed below, believe that there are persons with knowledge of how records may have become "lost" and would like to speak to anyone with any knowledge regarding Jacob or his "lost" records...

We understand that you may feel pressured not to come forward. All we ask is your complete honesty and your assistance in a matter of extreme importance, not only for Jacob and his family, but also for the medical care of future patients... Payment of all or a portion of the reward is in the good faith discretion of Jacob's attorneys who assure you that you will be treated fairly.


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