Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rat'ing Out Corruption and the Buck Stops With YOU


By D’Anne Burley

The things that my father went through and the things that I saw others go through is outrageous, and those doing these things are allowed by our government to continue to do this because they have clout, with the police, government agencies like within Chicago, DCFS, HUD, Environmental Protection Agencies, Licensing agencies placed to watch corruption in the Mortgage Industry, Auto Motive Industry, Hospitals, all having Lobbyist who are paid Millions to sit in Government Offices like the Governors Offices, and Legislation Bodies involved in designs laws which will protect THEM NOT YOU.

They have invested interest by donations into the BBB, and other legal agencies that are in placed to allegedly protect your rights in fact who instead report back to those I have mentioned here, who later pass back information on YOU to those you have rat’ed out so that they can sent there politically CLOUTED thugs after YOU, and place you in financial Chaos to put you in your place! It’s like how dare you, talk about us! Your voted us in! And the ones who are paying for my campaign funds is not you, so I am going to GET YOU!

This is the mentality of politician and others who are tied back and forward within the power structure of our government.

We the public are so use to this, we complain, ask God to help us, when we are the ones at fail for this behavior in the first place because we like them do this to us. God, had nothing to do with these people. He or she never elected them in to become GOD OF MANKIND, we did giving them lots of power and when you get out f control and attack us, we singlary speak out because they got us divided by race, creed, faith and orgin, another plot to make you think all this means something when it does not.

There are no 100% percenter in the world, well in the United States, blacks and whites were sent here to work this place whereby whites were indigent serf “SLAVES” who owed debts in debtors prisons in jolly ol “England” and came to pay off this by working as the original slaves. But they could flee and blend in too much, so then they got Blacks who they could spot, because blacks were tribal and would fight back they beat the spirit out of us, by doing things the normal mine could not stand, like tar and feathering, quartering us and spitting our bodies in half so to put us in our place, rename us and divided us, too our children so that we never knew if we were intermarrying relatives and other love ones, burning us, and keeping breeding farms calling black animals so that they could justify racism and it being under GOD of those who had formed this nation.

Just to create a free work force, which they are preparing to do again, with their quest to colonist mars. This quest comes out of the NEW WORLD which is working a conspiracy against us. Please note this is why I am allegeding the changing in thre bankruptcy laws so that we will be in a debtor prison system again just like when they formed this new world the land of America.

We are not free as long as we pray to God and not take responsible for the things we have done and created. Now they are via the Supreme Court allowed to take your home, which you paid for, it should be yours but they can take it as they’re property to do with has they see fit, so why buy homes. You don’t own it, your taxed to death! And then after paying over 70% in interest and taxes over 36 yrs they can come and take it away like thieves in the night.

It’s ok because they decided, they did not YOU! Ask God he will tell you, and walk away in discus again God did nothing it was YOU! And they tricked you again and again.

This weekend I went into chat rooms on Religion and heard people fighting about who has a better GOD System, I asked and stated that if we just could get along would this not stop events like Sept 11th 2001, I mention that Buddhist are not fighting anyone about religion.

I was told by a person of East Indian decent that I knew nothing about Budda and that Brahman religion was the true religion ( which was the religion that the Aryan’s raided and took over) and basically to mine my business because we in the know are fighting here about whose God is better. This is going on while the Justice and Court systems are running like crazy passing laws that will control everything and anything we do and or say- this is outrageous!

The reason behind the Supreme Court rule is they got many mad, in order for us to get rid of the Supreme Court and change the Constitution, if we do this they then have the right to do anything else they have not and could not do, again it takes us to united before its too late.

In the African American rooms they were talking about God and totally out of whats happening, indeed they know but they have been controlled in this system of using God as a means to handle anything when in the good book it states that God gave man the ability to choice from right and wrong, and the right to handle things on this planet. Do we do this? No, we ask God when we are the ones who are responsible by creating demigods out of politicians and the corrupt.

We done help each other we give to those they tell us to give too, we are programed look at the movie Time Machine, and this is us, and we are all marching blindly into the under world to become meatballs to those who are eating away at us daily.

Thank about this.
Read part two and this report on what “I” saw them do, and the game they are playing against you.


They again have attempted to attack me and Mike Katz, again cutting off any help I can get, it’s so bad after being in the hospital I had to seek help and was turned away, within the suburbs so that ZI could be homeless like almost all the whistle blowers out there. For one I had been robbed, raped, children mad victim, where as the police and other justice agencies would do nothing, I filed law suits which were not allowed nor heard because of payoffs bribes and other things, ran out of my home, mail stolen, victimized, just like my father was murdered, in 1962 because he knew too much. Look at Malcolm x’s wife, that was indeed a setup that family had secrets they knew and they wanted to make sure that if one recalled they could stop them. She was burned but again why, and what led to it. This is again the issue. Betty Shabbaz, was going to speak about the issue of Civil Rights the week she was burned by her grand son who if he did it was mind controlled. And many will not believe this because they have no clue of what is going on in this very cold war on the streets being fought by those of us who are attempting restore rights into this country but again we need your support, by you volunteering and donating to our cause, the churches ARE NOT and WILL NOT. I spoke to many and they are not involved in this and this is a real mission, asked them why?

They are sending money overseas to third world countries while the people within their areas are in need. Within the third world countries the money given goes into the hands of the rulers Kings and others who control things, the food is shipped back here and sold in their markets to our urban area people - yes the free food you donate. Its outrageous, but its not them its us.


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